The Logistics
How it all works
Over the past years, we have mastered several skills. One of the most crucial lessons for us in this fast-paced industry has been punctuality. We respect time - be it yours, the airlines’ or the flowers’.
First, let's understand the route.
A travelling Flower

If you ask any logistics expert about the floral industry, you are very likely to get an answer that starts and ends with "it's complicated." The flower you buy from your florists goes through multiple steps along its' journey. As exporters, we stand rather early in the supply chain of any fresh cut flower route. From harvest to retail, the journey of a flower usually lasts between 3 to 7 days, and then up to 12 days in the consumer's hand (depending on the vase life of that specific one).

Below. we mapped out this process and highlighted our role which we later dive into in detail.

The supply chain: from harvest to homes.
Step 1
Growers harvest the flowers
This is where we come in!
Step 2
Exporters take them to ports
Step 3
Wholesalers store them
Step 4
Retailers display them
Step 5
Consumers enjoy their beauty

Are you a step before us? A step after us? Either way, reach out to us for a possible collaboration!

now, let's understand our role.
perfecting the supply chain

Our best qualities lay within the logistics of exporting fresh cut flowers.

As locals, we understand the Kenyan market.
As woman, we highlight our dedication to punctuality.
As a mother-daughter run business, we build on expertise.

how our business works
Step 1
first, Place your order
At Azalea Blooms, the processing time for your orders is only 4 days before departure.
We book the space based on the number of boxes ordered, taking into account loading equipment, pivot weight and chargeable dead freight.
After the AWB number comes through, we proceed with the order from farms.
Sketch Arrow Pointing Up
Step 2
Source flowers various farms
We break down the order and gather the flowers from various farms that offer the best quality.
After the AWB number comes through, we proceed with the order from the farms.
Sketch Arrow Pointing Up
Step 3
perform quality checks at jkia
Our team at JKIA airport share a report stating the exact stock.
A full quality check takes place with photos sent directly to you for assurance before the shipment takes off.
We then split the boxes according to the order placed and issue a packing list. Our team then palletises the boxes.

To ensure the order is complete, our team tallies the packing lists with physical checks and individual stem counts.

*Different documents may apply to different locations - we will address documents according to your destination.
Sketch Arrow Pointing Up
Step 4
track your fresh cut flowers
The shipment is uplifted!
The airline sends the equipment and our team personally palletises the boxes; ready for dispatch.
Upon departure, you receive a set of clearance documents and a tracking number to follow the route of your fresh cut flowers.