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Promesa Carnations

Carnations got the name Dianthus from two Greek Words - "Dios", referring to the god Zeus, and "anthos", meaning flower. Carnations are thus "The Flowers of God".

Pink, in the floral world symbolizes the Mother's love, so don't be surprised if you see these beauties subtly taking over the bouquet on Mother's day!

Those Fresh Cut flowers are appreciated for their ruffled appearance, clove-like scent and extended blooming period.

Though native to the Mediterranean region, Promesas are usually in high demand all over the world - luckily, we are able to source and export flowers in great quality, thanks to the Kenyan farms we rely on.

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Flowers are the perfect way to brighten someone's day. The problem is that getting those flowers is not always sustainable and eco-friendly. We aim to be a part of something good for people, animals, and plants alike. For that, we look for farms who have the same search to make sure we're doing right by mother nature.

Minimalistic Efficiency

When you are a part of the flower export chain, it is important to find the perfect balance between minimalistic and efficient. The best way to do this is through simplifying logistics and reducing costs. Flower export logistics can seem overwhelming, but with the right information, it can become crystal clear! We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality flowers across borders with ease and efficiency!
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Fresh Cut Flowers in 2021: What’s new and trending in the floral industry?
August 11, 2021

Every day is a fantastic day to be surrounded by flowers. Whether they sit on your coffee table, as a centrepiece at your dinner parties, at your workstation or in your home-gardens, flowers remind us of the inherent beauty of life. They subtly make us more like them - effortlessly graceful and almost always blooming. With seasonal and perennial flowers always in the market, one could say they are ‘evergreen’.

The Journey of a Single Flower
June 23, 2021

Ever wondered how that lush bouquet of Ever Red roses, dreamy Baccarat carnations or tinkerbell-esque calla lilies made it to your hands or adorned the vases in your homes and workspaces? The mind goes to answer it quite simply, of course - from the garden to the florist to my hands by way of my wallet. Indeed, it could be that simple but it isn’t. The journeys of these flowers often span distances across cities, countries and even continents and pass delicately through various pit-stops to finally reach you. We’d like to give you a little glimpse of that journey right here.

Blooming As a Collective in the Fresh Cut Flower Sector, Africa
April 22, 2021

A personal note from Team Azalea: The ongoing pandemic has disrupted our sense of ‘normal’ in multiple facets of life all over the world. From world trade, education, socialization and mental health - it has been important for us to ground into our resilience and materialize new and dynamic solutions to this scale of disruption. We wanted to kick-start our blog by talking about a topic close to our heart - solidarity and the sense of community for the cut flower industry in Africa.

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Wholesale Sanitation
After receiving imported flowers, make sure your buckets, coolers or anything in contact are clean and free of any residue from the previous shipment.
Bananas: Little Murderers
Ripening fruit gives off a gas called ethylene that shortens a flower’s life. Get around this by moving your vase away from the fruit bowl.
Quality Checks
Upon arrival, make sure all the boxes are opened and the flowers checked for humidity, botrytis, freshness, leaf yellowing and general appearance.
Tightly Packed
Over 20% of the flowers exported never reach the final consumer due to loss or damage. Minimize that risk by ensuring more careful Bunching and Packing.
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